Making it Easy for Everyday SMEs and Communities to Access Innovative Solar Solutions


We are Hello Sunshine.

Hello Sunshine was born out of a shared passion to do good in the world. Our founders, Vincent Van Kampen and Willow Pryor, are partners in both business and life. And they share a deeply held desire to have a positive impact on the environment and the world we live in.

That desire sits at the core of who Willow and Vincent are. And it is that desire that serves as the driving force for what they aim to accomplish with Hello Sunshine.


What does Hello Sunshine hope to accomplish?

Our Mission is to combat unscrupulous solar dealers, deliver our clients and community with incredible value and engineering whilst simultaneously creating a kick ass culture founded upon great communication, respect, trustworthiness and kindness..

Let’s take a few steps back in time to discover where the Hello Sunshine story started.

As we mentioned, the Hello Sunshine story begins with the coming together of two visionaries – Vincent van Kampen and Willow Pryor.

Vincent has over 20 years of experience working on a diverse range of electrical engineering projects. Having lived in Queensland for over 15 years, he understands the needs of local businesses and is passionate about renewable energy and developing a more sustainable world. 

Willow Pryor is a futurist, having dedicated herself to supporting leaders and businesses in their desire to challenge “business as usual” philosophies, empowering them to prepare for whatever the future may hold and create better futures for everyone. And much like Vincent, her view of what the future holds has led to the development of a deep passion for environmental issues.

When the two came together, they saw an opportunity to combine both their experience and their desire to make the world a better place into a business. This led to the founding of KEP Solutions.

However, a meeting and opportunity to work with a man named Ian Matthews provided them with an opportunity to do something more. A master electrician, Ian is the founder of ICM Electric Solutions. More importantly, he too had seen how the solar industry was fraught with dodgy Solar cowboys and was passionate about providing a solution. Similar to Willow and Vincent, Ian too had been subject to an unscrupulous client going into liquidation thus shared Willow and Vincent’s values of integrity, transparency, incredible value, doing better and sustainability.

Working with Ian planted the seed for a new business in the minds of Vincent and Willow. And it is from that seed, nourished by a partnership between KEP Solutions and ICM Electric Solutions, that Hello Sunshine has grown.

ICM now serves as the key electrical partner for all of Hello Sunshine’s installations. And with all of the pieces of the puzzle now in place, Hello Sunshine can commit itself fully to helping SMEs and communities develop sustainable and environmentally-friendly solar  solutions.

Our Commitment to a Brighter Tomorrow

At Hello Sunshine, our commitment to sustainability shines through in the services that we offer. Everything that we do is designed to help businesses reduce their impact on the environment while helping them to save money.

But our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there.

We dedicate a portion of our profits to supporting organisations that are creating true change in the world. These organisations include:

  • Carbon Neutral
  • Carbon Market Institute
  • Clean Energy Regulator

We take our social responsibility seriously.

And we’re looking to work with partners who wish to help us in our mission to create a better future for everyone.

The Leadership Team

Our team brings together passionate experts who advocate for positive change in the world. And with over 50 years of combined experience, we’re in a position to create that change!

These are the minds behind Hello Sunshine:

Vincent van Kampen – The Senior Engineer

Engineering Manager and Co-Founder

An electrical engineer with over two decades of experience working on complex projects, Vincent van Kampen brings technical expertise, immense experience and passion to the Hello Sunshine team. 

Throughout his career, Vincent has worked on a diverse array of multi-million and multi-billion-dollar projects, including 120-megawatt solar farms. He understands the often-complex energy needs of businesses because he has project managed a huge number of turnkey projects.

Vincent’s work has allowed him to directly see the impact that humanity has on the planet.

And it’s that same work that instilled within him a passion and drive to create a more equitable and sustainable world.

Vincent founded Hello Sunshine’s parent engineering business in 2013 to offer energy-based consultancy services to business owners. Upon partnering with Willow Pryor and ICM Electrical Solutions , he co-founded Hello Sunshine Energy to help everyday SMEs and communities access commercial-scale renewable energy systems but without the overheads and gold plating. 

Our future is Vincent’s passion.

And everything that Vincent does is done to create a better tomorrow.

Willow Pryor – The Sustainability Superstar

Chief Futurist and Co-Founder

Willow Pryor has specialised in supporting organisations as they rally against the “business as usual” attitude. As a futurist, her goal has always been to help organisations prepare for the future and create better futures for everyone.

And that’s exactly what she does as the founding director and principal futurist at Facilitating Futures. Willow’s keynote speeches and dedicated workshops help businesses to become more sustainable, equitable and just.

But that isn’t the extent of her experience.

Willow has worked on a diverse array of projects, including serving as a business development manager in the Middle East for a water engineering business. She’s also passionate about education, which led to her to lead an educational not-for-profit organisation.

The drive towards a more sustainable, healthier planet for everyone has always been Willow’s main passion.

And it’s this passion that led her to Vincent van Kampen and Hello Sunshine Energy.

Willow and Vincent have three children together hence they are passionate about creating a family based business with strong values that adds value in people’s lives and prevents climate change rather than encouraging it.

Ian Matthews – Master Electrician

Electrical Manager and Partner

The founder of ICM Electric Solutions, Ian Matthews refers to himself as “your friendly sparky”.

But he is so much more than that.

A master electrician, Ian holds electrical licences to operate in Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia. He also holds a Contractor’s Licence for Queensland and New South Wales, in addition to having a Level 4 Certificate in the Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Area competency.

In short, Ian is an expert when it comes to electrical solutions.

He brings even more diversity to the Hello Sunshine team, having worked on an array of domestic and commercial projects in Queensland. He has also worked for an array of major firms, including BHP, often providing his support and expertise for the installation of complex solutions.

So, why is Ian part of the Hello Sunshine team?

He shares our passion for all things energy and electrical. But most importantly, he is a family man with strong family values who shares our passion for creating a brighter and more sustainable future for all.