Build a Fit for Purpose Commercial Solar Solution for Your Business

Commercial Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Many commercial solar PV installers provide “off-the-shelf” systems. That means they install systems that aren’t designed to your specific business needs. Instead, you get a system built based on what the installer wants to install, rather than what you require. Most of the time this is a copy of all the systems they install- cooky cutter design.

Hello Sunshine does things differently.

Every commercial solar PV system we install is personally designed by our experienced engineering team in Queensland. We leverage local suppliers and master installation technicians to ensure you get a system that’s designed for your business.

Your commercial solar PV system will reduce your reliance on traditional energy suppliers while reducing your costs to between 2 and 5 cents per kilowatt-hour.

What does this mean?

Most of our systems pay for themselves within four years.

After that, every cent you save stays with you, providing your business with the additional funds it needs for growth.

With Hello Sunshine, you don’t get a bog-standard energy system, you get what your business needs and deserves.

You get a turnkey solution built end-to-end to slot neatly into your existing business processes.

Solar PV Car Parks

You’ve already installed a shading solution in your company car park.

That’s an excellent decision.

Your shading solution helps to keep temperatures constant for all cars parked underneath it, meaning drivers don’t need to rely on air conditioning to cool down their cars when they get in. Plus, your shading solution offers much-needed protection from the elements.

But we have some questions:

Why only have a car shading solution?
Why not have car shading that is also capable of generating power?

That’s exactly what you get with Hello Sunshine’s custom-designed solar PV car parks. 

Using the space on top of your car shading solution, we install a solar PV system that’s capable of generating even more energy.

Why would you want that?

The energy you generate could be used to power other business processes. Or, that energy could be stored and used as part of an electric car charging solution. If your clients or team drive electric cars, you have the opportunity to provide them with a charging station that generates its own electricity!

The result.

Happier clients.

Happier team members.

And higher profits for your business.


Microgrids are the latest evolution in renewable energy technology.

So, what are they?

A microgrid is an independent energy system that’s designed to serve a specific local area. They often combine several renewable energy technologies, including solar PV panels, batteries, and/or wind infrastructure. A microgrid may or may not be connected to the main power grid.

That decision is up to you.

Why would you want to install a microgrid for your community?

The answer is complete freedom from the main power grid. With a microgrid, your community has the opportunity to generate electricity cost-efficiently and sustainably, without having to rely on external energy suppliers.

With a microgrid, you don’t have to be connected to the main grid to power your community. However, you can maintain the advantages of staying connected so you can always fall back on the main grid in the rare instance when your microgrid fails.

So, the benefit is simple.

Whether you’re connected to the main grid or not, a microgrid provides power for your community.



Is your community ready for a commercial solar energy system that reduces costs and enhances sustainability?