Fund Your Energy System Installation and Avoid Upfront Costs

We understand the cost of installation is the biggest barrier that many businesses face when considering solar energy solutions.

The good news is that you don’t have to absorb those costs alone.

Hello Sunshine offers a range of funding options that help you to reduce, or eliminate, the upfront cost of installation. These include the following:

Fully Financed Solar

You don’t have to fund your solar energy system alone. There are investors out there who have a desire to introduce carbon-friendly infrastructural investments to their portfolios.

Your commercial system is exactly what they’re looking for.

We can connect you to investors who can provide the capital for your installation needs.

Energy as a Service

Your commercial energy system isn’t limited to serving your own business. By installing a system, you become an energy supplier. You could choose to use all of the energy you generate for your company. Or, you could take the energy as a service route.

What is energy as a service?

Using your installed system, you generate energy that you then provide to other business owners for a fee.

In doing so, your system does more than reducing your energy costs.

It becomes a profit-generating asset that you can leverage to create a new income stream for your business. 

Through energy as a service, you can pay for your installation faster while setting your business up to generate more revenue in the future.

Power Purchasing Agreements

Let’s say you have a big roof that is suitable for a solar energy system. You’re also in partnership with another company that doesn’t have the ability to install a system of its own for whatever reason.

You can create an agreement in which you install a system and your partner uses the energy that it generates.

This is a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA).

With a PPA, you’re able to take advantage of your company’s unused roof space, transforming it into an asset that generates profit. 

Hello Sunshine handles everything for you.

We can help you to find appropriate partners, draw up the contracts, and install an efficient system that satisfies all parties.

Are you ready to capitalise on the benefits of commercial solar without committing to a massive upfront expenditure?