Services to Support Sustainable and Profitable Businesses

Vehicle Charging

Your business is making a concerted move towards environmental sustainability. Part of that move may include maintaining a fleet of electric cars, ensuring your people can get to and from work without having to burn fossil fuels.

Alternatively, you may have clients who have a social conscience. Perhaps they drive electric cars to reduce their impact on the environment.

Either way, our vehicle charging services allow you to cater to people with electric cars. We offer:

  • Commercial Charging Services
  • Solar Charging
  • Solar PV Car Park Installation


Why would your business want to install batteries in addition to your commercial solar PV system? After all, the system generates all of the energy that you need. Why should you store energy in addition to generating what you use?

The answers are simple.

  • Batteries ensure you always have power available as a backup. If something goes wrong with your installed system, you can rely on your batteries to keep your business going until the system is up and running again.
  • Batteries cover you during peak power usage periods. If power usage peaks above what your energy system is capable of producing, you can use batteries to cover the slack instead of relying on the main grid.
  • Those installing microgrids can use batteries to make their new grid more versatile.

Operations and Maintenance

Hello Sunshine is not your typical energy system installer.

We’re not the sort of company that carries out the installation and then leaves your business to its own devices. We build relationships with our clients. That means we focus on providing operational support before, during, and after the installation.

Our operations and maintenance services include the following:

  • Repair and upgrading of existing systems so you’re never stuck with a poor installation.
  • Regular cleaning of your solar panels so they maintain peak performance.
  • A recycling service, operated through our partners Reclaim, that allows you to sustainably dispose of old solar panels.
  • Complete system replacement if your existing system isn’t fit for purpose.
  • Regular inspections to ensure the system is working as it should.
  • System optimisation services so your business gets the maximum from its system.
  • Third-party reviews of existing systems that allow you to leverage our knowledge to ensure your system is running effectively.

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